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Sports data intelligence and benchmarking platform

Performance tracking data platorm for monitoring and analysis the development of young athletes.

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Unlock Your Athletes Potential with WeFeelSport

WE FEEL SPORT is a platform that supports and monitors young athletes development and potential. It provides standardized assessments, data analysis and progress tracking for sports associations, directors, scouts and coaches.



Benefits you get with WeFeelSport

With our platform, sports associations, directors, scouts, and coaches can easily monitor the progress and potential of young players, access standardized assessments and data analysis, and track young athletes on a club, national, and international level.

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Our programs

Our solution currently supports

We Feel Football
Assessments and evaluation methodology is supported with the online application “ WeFeelFootball”, which allows periodical monitoring of physical growth, talents, disciplines, and other parameters which are essential and relevant with the football players. Learn more
We Feel Basketball
Coming soon
We Feel Volleyball
Coming soon
We Feel Hockey
Coming soon


Key advantages

  • Global Portfolio of young talents
  • Practice approved methodology which is suitable for global use
  • General support for young players, their official guardians, scouts, coaches for measurement their talent potential and development

Get your young athletes on the radar platform serves as a conduit for young athletes to make themselves visible and get noticed by industry professionals

As a premier provider of athlete development solutions, we understand the importance of tracking and monitoring progress in order to make informed decisions. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools including standardized assessments, data analysis, and progress tracking, which enables sports associations, directors, scouts and coaches to foster the growth of their athletes and optimize their performance.